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Banning panhandling – a national trend in hard times?

This article on the independent alternative media outlet, Baltimore Brew, is very interesting as I feel that Panhandlers are doing nothing wrong. Previously, an attorney for the Michigan Chapter of the ACLU noted that “anti-begging laws that punish that most … Continue reading

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The Kill Chain: Following the path of drones from Obama’s hit list to Johns Hopkins University

This article is an investigation done by the alternative news source Baltimore City Paper which is published by the conglomerate Times-Shamrock Communications, which is pretty good (the City Paper usually does very good investigative stories). This story talks about how … Continue reading

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SMCM to implement Open Housing Next Year

This article is from the campus paper of St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM). In the upcoming semester, Fall 2013, the College will instate a new policy: open housing. This new policy states that members of different sexes or identified … Continue reading

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What Mikulski thinks about the Mali intervention

I got this email letter from Mikulski with her thoughts on the intervention in Mali: Thank you for getting in touch with me to express your views about how the U.S. might support efforts in Mali by providing humanitarian assistance … Continue reading

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Al Jaazera’s “Fault lines” gets it right about Baltimore

I recently watched Al-Jaazera’s special they did on Baltimore last year called “Fault Lines – Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City” on YouTube. I highly recommend you watch it (its about 22 minutes long). The show interviews people across the … Continue reading

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Where are the articles, man?

Y’all who read this blog might be very angry. You might say: “That blogger was writting but then he just stopped! Why?!?!” Do not despair. I have been busy adapting back to the school lifestyle. I plan to do another … Continue reading

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Break up the Exelon bohemoth!

I recently read in The Daily Record an article which brought some ideas to my mind. The article noted that “Baltimore’s design review panel Thursday gave a preliminary thumbs up to a design for a sleek, glass, brick and metal … Continue reading

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