Where have the posts been, man?

Well, I’ve got to say I’ve been busy in recent days with a bunch of stuff through the whole semester. I’ve been thinking of doing a bunch of stuff, maybe making a human rights abuses by mayors (here and here), county executives in the State as a whole including crackdown on Occupy, etc… This would be based on violations of the Maryland Declaration of Rights, the US Constitution, International Human Rights Instruments, and of course the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Also there’s this really nice site called b’more mobile. Otherwise I guess its good to tell about some headlines in the state recently [specifically Baltimore]:

“When the illegal dirt bikers come through…South Baltimore, sometimes 50 or more of them at a time, the sound is deafening and the sight is frightening…Some residents…will call the police. Others are afraid to…Yesterday, the Baltimore Police Department announced a plan to crack down on illegal dirt bikes, the latest attack in a long-running battle…The department created an email account – dirtbikes@baltimorepolice.org – where residents can send anonymous reports about where illegal dirt bikes are being ridden or kept in the city…So will seized dirt bikes just wind up back on the street? Delgado said those who can show documented proving ownership will get them back, but that stolen or unclaimed dirt bikes will be destroyed…As the police and anyone who travels Reisterstown Road near Druid Hill Park know, that area is the center of Baltimore’s defiant, wheelie-popping illegal dirt bike culture…Asked to cite any recent instances of serious problems with dirt bike riders, Delgado mentioned a recent incident in West Baltimore in which a dirt bike rider was shot.”- http://www.baltimorebrew.com/2013/04/18/illegal-dirt-bikes-featured-in-film-decried-in-neighborhoods-now-targeted-by-police/

“In February 1967, a few concerned residents of Fells Point banded together to challenge the merits of an eight-lane elevated highway bisecting southeast Baltimore. Their activism so infuriated then-City Councilman William Donald Schaefer that he cut short a public hearing and, three months later, rammed through an ordinance condemning hundreds of homes. But the citizens persisted and, a decade later, Mayor Schaefer agreed to halt the “East-West Expressway” through Fells Point and Canton, kicking off the area’s stunning success story of rejuvenated communities…Calling themselves the “Right Rail Coalition” (a pun on “light rail,” the term used by the Maryland Transit Administration to describe the Red Line), the group is led by several Canton residents, a high-powered lawyer and a veteran of the expressway fight. The group is calling for a streetcar network, running on city roads, to replace the eastern leg of the Red Line – a plan that follows the streetcar-building programs underway in Washington, D.C., and other cities. Their proposal has won the backing of state Senator William C. “Bill” Ferguson IV (46th district)…Even though it’s been talked about for years, the Red Line – the biggest public works project in Baltimore’s history – is still in an early phase of development…Given these imponderables – and the sense by some politicians in Annapolis and Baltimore that the Red Line has grown too costly – the streetcar proposal is gathering steam. In opposing the Red Line’s route through Canton, the Right Rail Coalition says they are not NIMBY’s trying to derail the project because it may run (literally in some cases) through their back yards…Rail Right member Art Cohen says the Westside line would serve a community that was uprooted by the expressway and provide environmental and social “justice” as required by federal law…East of downtown, the Red Line would tunnel through Fells Point before emerging at Boston Street near Montford Avenue and Hudson Street. The line’s resurfacing is a huge problem, according to the coalition…The MTA estimated that Boston Street would undergo “heavy construction” for up to 2½ years. The project would either require the closing of the thoroughfare for long periods…The news caused an uproar among Boston Street residents, who immediately began phoning local elected officials to complain…Kittleson & Associates, a transit engineering group, plotted four streetcar lines radiating from downtown – as well as a circulator route along Broadway and North Avenue – that would roughly cost the same…Ferguson says a neighborhood-based streetcar network should be explored in Baltimore.”- http://www.baltimorebrew.com/2013/04/16/pro-transit-coalition-seeks-alternatives-to-red-line-on-east-side/

“The speed cameras that the Board of Estimates has agreed to buy from the Brekford Corp. are 18% more expensive than the speed cameras offered by the city’s former vendor In fact, Brekford’s price is considerably higher than those that were offered by Xerox State & Local Solutions – and only marginally lower than a third bidder, Redflex Traffic Systems, according to city documentsAn upstart in the traffic photo enforcement business, Brekford started as a security technology provider. A prominent member on its board is Douglas DeLeaver, whose long career in law enforcement includes being chief of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) Police. Another director is Jessie Lee Jr., executive director of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, which has  longstanding connections to the Baltimore City Police. The head of Brekford’s speed camera division, Maurice R. Nelson, was hired from Montgomery County’s automated traffic enforcement program…The November contract was submitted to the board as a “revenue contract” that would not cost city taxpayers any money. The vendor would service the city’s 72 existing speed cameras and other upfront costs…Mayor Rawlings-Blake and her two appointees, Nilson and Ben Meli, representing Public Works Director Alfred Foxx, voted for the $2.2 million award, as did Jack Young. Pratt’s was the single “no” vote.”- http://www.baltimorebrew.com/2013/04/19/new-speed-cameras-will-cost-more-not-less-from-citys-preferred-vendor/


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I'm a person interested in politics in general. I want to make a change and have a more just world for all.
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  1. william hermann says:

     very funny with cookie monster. goood retelling of story what a bully Schaefer was.

    William Hermann Baltimore Freedom Academy 1601 E. Lombard St. Baltimore MD 21231 Art Teacher/Arts Integration Wrhermann@bcps.k12.md.us 443-642-2158 – school 443-761-2675- cell

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