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I'm a person interested in politics in general. I want to make a change and have a more just world for all.

Sarbanes and the bipartisan neoliberal bargain

You’ve probably heard about the bipartisan deal between Paul Ryan (a Republican) and Kelly Ayotte (a Democrat). I’ve already spouted my mouth about the deal, calling it an act of class warfare, exposing these two players behind the deal and … Continue reading

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EMI looks to censor ‘Camp 83 Mashup’

Recently, I checking up on my poor little YouTube channel with 18 subscribers and there were a number of copyright claims against my videos. Here’s what I’ve written about camp 83 just FYI. Here’s that video again for those who … Continue reading

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Getting the inside scoop: a CCAN email sent by Mike Tidwell

In order to expose the rhetoric of CCAN, I might as well publish their email which I received in my email. Here it is [with all the graphics added in] in which they annoyingly say that the building of the … Continue reading

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Checking my privilege

Yesterday was just a normal day. I had a full basket of clothes and I took them down to the washer. I started it and walked away. Quickly, I realized that I had misplaced my phone, and raced down back … Continue reading

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Two Dutch “justice has been served” Ruppersburger letters you don’t wanna miss

*The title refers to the statement made by Congressman Ruppersburger (officially as a statement of the committee he leads) that the conviction of whistleblower Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning: “Justice has been served today. PFC Manning harmed our national security, violated … Continue reading

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A moderate plan for wage justice

Since The Point News sucks, and didn’t publish my piece, I’m publishing my opinion piece here. It was geared toward an audience at St. Mary’s College but that ain’t happening. It is as follows: The recent struggle of students and … Continue reading

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A radical’s perspective on CCAN’s stop at St. Mary’s College

At PowerShift which I wrote about on October 27th, CCAN was talking about a whole new threat: a liquified natural gas export facility in Maryland. I had done some research into this myself, and I found out: There is already … Continue reading

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