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A radical’s perspective on CCAN’s stop at St. Mary’s College

At PowerShift which I wrote about on October 27th, CCAN was talking about a whole new threat: a liquified natural gas export facility in Maryland. I had done some research into this myself, and I found out: There is already … Continue reading

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The Corporatist Bay Foundation?

One of the biggest lobbies for the Chesapeake Bay, and a huge environmental non-profit in Maryland has great appeal. This article investigates that non-profit, called the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) that says they are “saving the bay through education, advocacy, … Continue reading

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Artscape has lost its soul: a sea of hyper-commercialization UPDATED

Today I went down to the country’s largest art festival in Baltimore. It was deathly hot, meaning my cold water turned all warm. Everyone seemed to be selling something. There was police presence just about everywhere. This even included a … Continue reading

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‘Fracking’ brings prosperity, problems to Pennsylvania

This was originally posted on The Baltimore Sun. I am reposting this because fracking may show up in Western Maryland next. There are certain parts that are bolded as they directly relate to Maryland. Times are good these days at … Continue reading

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Al Jaazera’s “Fault lines” gets it right about Baltimore

I recently watched Al-Jaazera’s special they did on Baltimore last year called “Fault Lines – Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City” on YouTube. I highly recommend you watch it (its about 22 minutes long). The show interviews people across the … Continue reading

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