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Is a good deed enough?

This week I’ve been writing some articles and doing some other stuff. Yesterday, my dad and I were going around Towson, the capital of Baltimore County, and there was an elderly white lady on the sidewalk with a shopping cart. … Continue reading

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Open Letter on Student Testing

This was originally posted on Indypendent Reader. Educators for Democratic Schools 11 February 2013 – 00:00 EST To Teachers, Students, Parents, and citizens: As teachers, and as activists for social justice, Educators for Democratic Schools is proudly in solidarity with … Continue reading

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American Dreamin’

This is an article published in Baltimore’s Indypendent Reader which talks about how those in Baltimore can’t always afford to go to school and the hardships of living in Baltimore City. Contributed by: Iris Kirsch [1] Monday, January 28, 2013 … Continue reading

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Al Jaazera’s “Fault lines” gets it right about Baltimore

I recently watched Al-Jaazera’s special they did on Baltimore last year called “Fault Lines – Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City” on YouTube. I highly recommend you watch it (its about 22 minutes long). The show interviews people across the … Continue reading

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A new blog, a new beginning

For a long time, I had a blog called Sunshine Politics where I tried to “show all that happens in Maryland in an even light” and “question what is said by the government,” challenging others to do the same. Then, … Continue reading

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