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EMI looks to censor ‘Camp 83 Mashup’

Recently, I checking up on my poor little YouTube channel with 18 subscribers and there were a number of copyright claims against my videos. Here’s what I’ve written about camp 83 just FYI. Here’s that video again for those who … Continue reading

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The Corporatist Bay Foundation?

One of the biggest lobbies for the Chesapeake Bay, and a huge environmental non-profit in Maryland has great appeal. This article investigates that non-profit, called the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) that says they are “saving the bay through education, advocacy, … Continue reading

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Joseph Thompson: Workingmen’s Party Candidate for Mayor

One result of the railroad strike in Baltimore was the formation of a Workingmen’s party that spoke to the interests of working people and waged a fall electoral campaign challenging local politicians and businessmen. Meeting on July 30 in Rechabite … Continue reading

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A Beattyocracy: Rushing through corporate welfare like its nobody’s business UPDATED

Developer Michael Beatty, who manages Harbor Point Development Holdings, LLC (Harbor Point) and also works for Harbor East. The bill which recently passed the City Council of Baltimore, gave the “luxury waterfront development,” Harbor Point, over $125 million in taxpayer … Continue reading

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City budget helps the rich, hurts the middle class

The recent Sun editorial regarding Baltimore’s budget sounded like it was written at City Hall—the story of the heartfelt push by the city government to reform itself into a positive middle-class builder (“Building a middle class,” June 19). It’s really … Continue reading

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Artscape has lost its soul: a sea of hyper-commercialization UPDATED

Today I went down to the country’s largest art festival in Baltimore. It was deathly hot, meaning my cold water turned all warm. Everyone seemed to be selling something. There was police presence just about everywhere. This even included a … Continue reading

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Who is running for Governor?

Editor’s Note: To be clear. All of these people are complete and utter assholes, like all politicians. This post is NOT an endorsement of any of these candidates, and in fact it is meant to show why all of these … Continue reading

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